Lighting the pathways to healing

Grief, Aging and Mental Health Resources

Open to Hope» is a website where people can share inspirational stories of loss and love. They encourage visitors to read, listen and share their stories of hope and compassion.

PNM Good Neighbor Fund»

Emergency assistance to PNM customers who are facing an unexpected financial hardship due to an emergency situation.

Survivors of Suicide»

Peer support group with people helping one another through the stages of grieving after a suicide death.

Survivors of Suicide»

There are few things in life more soul-wrenching than the suicide of someone loved. The suddenness of the loss is devastating enough, but the thoughts and feelings of confusion, shame, anger and guilt can be overwhelming.

The Death of a Child»

It doesn’t matter whether it’s the death of a child recently or many years ago, a child’s death is one of the most painful losses suffered in life. Losing a child defies the natural order of life and brings consuming pain to parents.

The Death of a Pet»

The death of a beloved pet can feel as devastating as the death of a beloved human family member or friend. Since research shows that the majority of pet owners consider their pets as treasured members of their own family, the death of these cherished companions can be difficult and challenging.

The Death of a Spouse or Partner»

If sharing your life with someone special brought you the greatest satisfaction and contentment, having that person die will surely bring you the greatest pain and sorrow. No one is ever prepared for the death of their spouse or partner.