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One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is time, taking the time to reconnect to your body, mind and the world around. 

The wounds of grief, heartache, and emotional trauma can penetrate our spirit creating tension and oftentimes disconnect with our bodies. Through the mindful practice of yoga we are able to cultivate a sense of connection and peace with the internal state allowing a more joyful experience as we move in our daily lives.

This 7 week series is lovingly offered to all who can benefit from the heart opening and healing powers that yoga delivers. Whether you are grieving the loss of a loved one, loss of job, home, pet, relationship or feel the effects of past traumas surfacing up- a nurturing, loving yoga practice may help you move through your pain with a deeper sense of peace. 

Every class will begin with a cup of warm herbal tea and a discussion about that weeks intention. All 7 of these one hour practices will have an intentional theme to correspond both on the yoga mat and outside of the practice. For example: week one’s theme is ‘grounding,’ reconnecting with self and nature. On the mat we will allow our breath to guide our movement, the corresponding assignments for the week being allowing yourself to eat more food grown from the earth, spending more time outside or simply watching the sunrise. 

Classes meet weekly beginning Thursday September 27th to conclude Thursday November 8th. Classes are offered at two different times 10am and 7pm. Those who have purchased a package can choose between morning or evening classes but will not be able to attend two classes on the same date. Cost is $70 for the entire series or $10 as a drop-in.

*No need for previous yoga experience necessary to join this series

*drop in options are available

*yoga mats + props are available at location

 *if you have any questions send Krystal a note at