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Muffled Drums and Heartbreak: A Gospel of Grief

Listen to Muffled Drums and Heartbreak; A Gospel of Grief

Heart, Soul and Healing

On Tuesday evening, October 17, 2017, a group of supporters, families and friends gathered to mark the one-year anniversary of the Grief Resource Center. Since the Center opened its doors one year ago, it has provided short-term grief counseling, peer support groups and educational workshops to nearly 900 people who have experienced some aspect of grief. 

The focus for the Heart, Soul and Healing Reception was on creative expression. Creative expression can help someone who is grieving express thoughts and feelings that cannot be put into words and in doing so, move into a more balanced place of healing and hope. The pathway of creative expression can be explored through many artistic disciplines including visual arts, music and poetry. At the Heart, Soul and Healing Reception, each discipline was beautifully represented. Some of the community’s finest artists displayed original works of art. Musicians from the New Mexico Philharmonic gave uplifting performances, and Inaugural Poet Laureate of Albuquerque, Hakim Bellamy, shared an original poem, Muffled Drums and Heartbreak: A Gospel of Grief, which was interspersed with speakers who have been part of the Grief Resource Center.

Executive Director, Linda Phelps, shared the importance of helping those who are grieving pick up the lost and scattered pieces of their hearts and souls and bring them back into balance so they can move forward on their own grief journey. She expressed gratitude for the support and encouragement the Grief Resource Center has received this first year, and spoke of her renewed commitment and perspective for what the Center’s mission is all about.

The evening ended as a respectful hush spread over the audience. The power of what had been witnessed throughout the evening had touched many hearts. This truly is what the Grief Resource Center is all about.