Lighting the pathways to healing

About the Grief Resource Center

a mothers heart

On Thursday, October 23, 2018 the Grief Resource Center will host the Pathways to Healing Celebration – 2018 entitled “Path, Present and Feature” at Journal Center.

In 2016, the GRC opened its doors and has since served over 2000 individuals experiencing grief. The Grief Resource Center offers understanding, hope, and encouragement to adults in NM who are experiencing grief. Grief occurs with all kinds of loss including illness, loss of employment, loss of dreams, divorce, suicide and death.

It offers support to confront issues of grief by offering counseling, support groups and an abundant supply of resources to help guide New Mexicans on their individual “pathways to healing.”

Ways people have found support through the Grief Resource Center

Crying and laughing are allowed. My words and my silence were listened to. Linda did not try to dry my tears. Both my sadness and my hope were honored.
– C.G.

The Art and Healing Workshop was one of the best experiences I’ve had in healing grief.
– T.M.

The Poetry Book Cub opened a door for me and fed me with the words of great poets. One can explore the nuances of grief when looked at ‘in a soft light’. Thank you, Grief Resource Center, for the space to read and share about loss and find hope in others’ words.
– B.D.

When you lose a child by suicide, there are so many different emotions, thoughts, doubts about yourself, and guilt. The Survivors of Suicide Moms Group addresses all of this, so you leave knowing you are not alone on this journey. I always look forward to these meetings because I am around other moms on this same path.
– S.S.